So the question is:

Who, exactly, is pushing this meme of “Black men are being indisciminately killed by police officers in unprecedented numbers” (which is a terrible misrepresentation)….

And the other question is Why are “they” pushing such a meme, and why now?

I mean, the number of back men killed by other black men (not cops at all, and not white cops) is larger by a significant factor…Why are they pushing the meme that the black men need “Justice” and such and blaming police (rather than the society they have created)?

I mean, I expect that the Mike Brown thing was pushed to rile the black voters to rally them to vote. But what is the advantage now? The elections are over, so really…WHY?

What is the game plan?

3 thoughts on “So the question is:

  1. The cynic in me says that it is all part of a conspiracy to create a dictatorship.
    They tell me that I am paranoid.
    But, just because you are paranoid, does not mean they aren't out to get you.

  2. I agree with Steve. My paranoid side says that as the riots get more severe, the powers that the President needs to gain an upper hand grow.
    My more restrained side tells me that I am just being paranoid, but can't offer a different explanation.

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