Since some of the folks who (allegedly) lost children or loved ones in the Sandy Hook shootings are suing Bushmaster because they were the manufacturer of the rifle that Adam Lanza stole from his (murdered) mother and used to (allegedly) kill the (alleged) victims in the school…..

Why aren’t they also suing the pharmaceutical companies which made the psychotropic drugs which had been fed to the aforementioned Adam Lanza for years, breaking his (admittedly tenuous) grip on reality and sanity?
It would seem to me that the drugs had as much or more direct and indirect cause as the (alleged) firearm…

Or the Auto manufacturer that The aforementioned Mr. Lanza used to drive to the school? 

(and yes, I say (alleged) because there are way too many inconsistencies in the assorted stories and accounts, and because the timing was SO terribly convenient for the Anti-Gun folks and because it was just shortly after several other gun massacres that also fit the meme of the Anti Gun folks….

And especially because when the American Public failed to support such anti gun measures even after the (alleged) Sandy Hook “massacre” then, strangely, such gun tragedies suddenly…..stopped. )

Odd that. 

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