New boss=Old boss

“Second verse, same as the first!”.

Seems that late last night, the house passed a $1 Trillion spending bill. Not the stopgap measure we expected until the “new” House was seated in January, but the whole enchilada.

Tell me again how the RNC folks are different than the DNC folks?

Not much hope in the Senate

2 thoughts on “New boss=Old boss

  1. I will hold judgement until February. They are in a no win situation now. People and the media would whine and bitch if the government did the fake shutdown bull again. And, they will bitch now that they OKed funding the government. It has to pass the senate, which is still controlled by the losers for the rest of the month, so there really was a limit on what could be done at this time. Supposedly, the passed bill only funds the immigration until February. I will wait to see what they do then.

  2. We worked our asses off to ensure an epic victory for these guys, only to have then re-elect the same failed leadership, who turned around and kicked us all square in the junk. I'm pissed.

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