Kinda bummed

So, while SiteMeter has burned their bridges with many bloggers, I am bummed that there is no direct replacement.

While StatCounter does keep track of the visits, it doesn’t keep track of where those visits are referred from. I don’t know where my hits come from. I cannot tell who searched for a particular subject of they used Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Having said that, I do like the rest of StatCounter.

I am bummed, however, that SiteMeter forced me to make this decision.

3 thoughts on “Kinda bummed

  1. Screw em all… I don't give a rats ass… People will either come or they won't. I'm not putting anything back up.

  2. Statcounter does keep track of where people came from

    Look at the Recently Came From and Came from selections.

    Actually provides more information i think

    I've used it — and the sitemeter referral to find out who is talking about my blog. in some cases found great debates, others found great blogs that had me on the blog roll.

    Bob S.

  3. Yep, I just retired Sitemeter after that fracas and went to Statcounter – looks like it does have a lot of info, you just have to navigate around for it differently from sitemeter.

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