I really don’t care, and am really NOT bothered by the fact that the CIA and other intelligence agencies used “Enhanced Techniques” in other locations to interrogate people who would cause harm to me or my family or fellow citizens.

Really. I don’t care. Not a whit. Not a tiny jot.  In fact, if they asked me to help, I would.

Watch THIS. The whole five minutes. Listen. Hear the fear and desperation…. 3000 others also felt that. And they didn’t deserve it either. They just wanted to go to work that day and go home that evening. These were people like you and me. Your fellow citizens.

How many other of your countrymen must die so we don’t offend the sensibilities of the bleeding heart cowards who wish to run this country? Who don’t like the idea of torture?

We didn’t start the fight, but the only way to win is to be willing to be as ruthless as those who did.

If that means that we waterboard someone in order to get information from them (or worse) to prevent another attack, then I am OK with it.

One of the best ways to safeguard this country and it’s citizens is to make sure that NO ONE EVER SCREWS WITH US FOR FEAR OF RETRIBUTION.  EVER

Don’t want none? Don’t bring none. Period.

I never again want my countrymen to have to make the choices that these folks had to make, just because someone in another country hates our freedoms and our way of life.

Barry and his whiny ilk can get fucked. I’ll shake the hand and buy the beer for those folks who did a dirty job and soiled their hands on America’s enemies.