One has to wonder who Bill Cosby has pissed off enough that someone is orchestrating a smear campaign against him by resurrecting 30 year old charges against him that were, if not disproven back then, were at least in doubt enough that no authorities pursued them 30 years ago.

What did he do to make this person (or persons) stir things up? To want to trash his reputation? Why now?

I mean, really, is is hard to believe that  these women (from different locations and different professions and different backgrounds) just somehow all decided to bring up these old charges again without someone orchestrating the whole thing…..

Politics of Personal Destruction and all that……

3 thoughts on “Y’know

  1. I was wondering very nearly the same thing last night. Maybe he was planning on endorsing Ben Carson's presidential run.

  2. When the media trumpets about an "issue" the careful person looks to see what they are covering up.
    In my mind the media is covering the inadequate political performance of the administration and doesn't care about the person they are destroying.

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