Will our congress let him get away from it?????

So rumor has it that Barry is gonna just write an executive order that legalizes a whole bunch of illegal aliens immigrants. 

Now this, in my opinion, is illegal. HE DOESN’T GET TO WRITE LAWS. Laws are made, and voted on, our two Houses of Congress. He gets a veto on the laws presented to him, period.

At least that is what the Constitution says.

Barry ain’t a king, and our Congressmen and women and our Representatives need to remind him of that. They’ve let him get away with acting like one, but this has to stop. There needs to be a message sent, and, if need be, a court challenge to his executive orders should he choose to attempt to legalize a bunch of lawbreakers criminals border crossing illegal aliens who have broken our laws and care little for the country. Our representatives need to stop him this time.

If Barry can break the law and is not bound by  laws, and if he is not bound by the Constitution, the why should the rest of us be? Why should I acknowledge the legitimacy of his authority under the same document he flaunts? 

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