Warning order:

Decision soon?

Just heard from a guy I know in the Missouri National Guard:

They (the Guvner) have declared a state of emergency in MO and expect a decision soon…They’ve lit the phone tree and expect the orders soon.

I have a call into someone who is in the east ST. Louis area, ’cause he told me they’d received their warning orders last weekend.

Pretty well tells us what they expect to happen, doesn’t it? And what the Grand Jury is gonna has decided….

Stay frosty.

ETA: For once on the civil front, I agree with Murphy.

2 thoughts on “Warning order:

  1. I know a fair bit about the St. Louis area and I can tell you it is the most rural minded large city in the world, at least West of where I-70 crosses the Missouri river and the West side of Florrisant. The NG's maybe there more to keep the rioters from spilling over into areas they will get whacked than they are protecting the citizens.

  2. I remember the looting and unrest in the aftermath of Hurricane Elana in southern Mississippi. I was on active duty then. We were issued our M16's and five magazines. We were instructed to insert one mag into the rifle and deployed to strategic locations throughout the coast. We were not issued ammunition and prior to our leaving the base we were searched for ammo and told anyone with live rounds would get an article 15.

    I went ape-shit on my First Sergent when he made that announcement. My reply was I was going to cut his balls off but since he didn't have any I was going to have to slice him from stem to stern to prove to everybody that he was gutless – I did get one of the shittier assignments but it was worth it watching him turn red and do an about face and walk back into the HQ without saying anything.

    I hope the "powers that be" allow the Guardsmen to have the means to protect themselves.

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