Rumor has it

That things are gonna get all…exciting…in Ferguson and surrounding areas very soon.

Were I a business owner, I’d have tried to find a way to secure my business better.

Or I’da closed it down already, or sold it.  

The local Sheriff has told me they expect sympathy riots in the South Side of Chicago and Gary.

Oughta be interesting.

If yer in, or work in, or must pass through a “minority area” then I’d stay frosty.

3 thoughts on “Rumor has it

  1. I have been hearing this too. Some of it is being put out on the news, but there's some shortwave chatter by hams up that way as well as talk on the internet.

    Not just in Ferguson, though. I hear that the New Black Panthers are trying to arrange disruptions in Saint Louis and other cities.

    That's purely scuttlebutt and I know of no way to confirm it, but it sounds plausible given past events.

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