Retribution is a bitch, ain’t it?

Seems that Julie Bosman is afraid…..People are calling her home, sending her food and generally making her life….interesting.

ANd they are doing it enough that she is calling the police to report that she is afraid and “feels harassed”.

Well, honey, life is a bitch, innit? Now you have just a small bit of what you and your partner gave to Darren Wilson.

Not so pretty, is it? Hope you get enough that you learn a leson.

Interesting double standard there, isn’t it? That behavior was ok for her, and she had to know the hell she was unleashing on Officer Wilson….But when it comes around to her, she isn’t happy.

I wonder if she has a gun? And interesting that she is calling cops (with guns) to protect her……

3 thoughts on “Retribution is a bitch, ain’t it?

  1. I have done the same thing to reporters that have seen fit to publish the names and addresses of CCW holders.

    Maybe one day the "journalists" will learn.

  2. That just made my day. Payback is a bitch. Maybe she will think in the future, if she has one.

  3. "…she had to know the hell she was unleashing on Officer Wilson…"
    Maybe, Maybe Not, but she does now!

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