One thing I realized last night

Is that, while there may be other reasons for “White Flight” and separatists and all the other actions people take that are perceived as racist….

The events in Ferguson (both earlier this summer and last night), as compared the fact that they DIDN’T happen in areas where the demographic is, shall we say, different, should be a good  indication as to why decent people of all races move away from areas like Ferguson. They don’t like to live in areas where such things are likely to happen.

In my area (and likely in yours) no one torched any businesses, no one broke windows or looted stores. No one burned or overturned nor broke the windows out of any cars (police or not). No one feared any of those actions might take place, simply because the people who live here (and it is a fairly mixed area) are decent people, rather than the kind of folks who remain in Ferguson after all the others moved out.

Are there racial tensions? Yes, to an extent. But people (of all races) don’t generally get pulled over and treated badly by the police because they don’t look, dress or act like thugs and lowlifes, nor act like criminals.

Are the police perfect? Not at all. Nor are the citizens.

But we aint’t Ferguson style folks, either…..