It’s not always a natural disaster

That you can prep for:

Sometimes it is your fellow citizens that might make life difficult for a few days…

Ferinstance, say you live near Ferguson, MO… Like the nearby town of Berkeley…..

I guess that the authorities expect the some black folks in the area to riot if the decision of the Grand Jury goes the way it looks like it will.

If I were living in, or nearby to, a largely urban area, I think I might take heed. The cops I know expect sympathy riots to happen in larger urban areas. While they don’t think that too much will happen, there may be some who march (which is harmless), and others who use this as an excuse to loot riot (which is not harmless).

If you travel through, or work in such an area, I’d pay close attention, and leave work early if possible when things break. If you have a business in such an area, I’d think about having plans to secure it quickly, and either have stocked supplies so I could stay and protect, or a plan and several routes to leave soon after securing my building. Each

Have a plan to retrieve yer kids if they have to travel through an area to get home from school too.

Preparation is the key here. If and when, you’ll be glad you had a plan.

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2 thoughts on “It’s not always a natural disaster

  1. I wonder how the revolutionaries will transition from the their current planning, PR and terrorizing efforts to masses aggressively protesting in the streets.

    One is being conducted – successfully – in climate controlled locations by idealistic and passionate losers who have fame to gain and who are funded by unknown sources.

    The masses are mostly tax-receivers who'll be in the freezing weather and who will get the same govt benefits regardless if they go out or not.

    Despite all the noise, I'm tempted to bet few show up, and fewer still stick around to cause any real damage or harm. (Key word: tempted)

  2. One of these days people will have had enough… THEN it will get truly ugly…

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