Isn’t perjury a crime?

(I chose not to post this until after Thanksgiving was over……)

I mean, if I lie in testimony to a court or in a deposition, am I not committing perjury?

If you read the testimonies in the Mike Brown case, there were quite a few who outright lied….the forensic evidence shows that their testimony was a lie. Some admitted that the “embellished” the parts they witnessed. Others admitted that they weren’t present for much (or any) of the incident.

Now… I have to wonder why no one is (as far as we know) being charged with perjury? Is it just because this is a touchy political and ethnically charged situation?

I mean, some of the testimony accuses Officer Wilson of executing Mr. Brown by shooting him in (depending on the the witness) either in the back as he was running away (with and/or without his hands up) or in the back of the head (one accuser said they witnessed 10 shots!) while he lay on the ground.

I realize that many black people in that neighborhood really hate white people in general (and white COPS specifically)….but this testimony would pout a cop in jail for murder. I realize that the killing of a black 18 year old enrages the black population, and that they would, if they could, lynch the man who did it….for whatever reason. All they see is black and white and cop. They really don’t care why or what the situation that made it happen.

But really, shouldn’t perjury be a crime? Shouldn’t these people be charged with giving a false statement that could, potentially have put Officer Wilson in jail for murder? Shouldn’t they be facing the penalty for perjury? If not, why should anyone ever tell the truth?

4 thoughts on “Isn’t perjury a crime?

  1. Any truth to the rumor that one black witness who gave truthful testimony to the grand jury turned up dead on Wednesday?

  2. "But really, shouldn't perjury be a crime? Shouldn't these people be charged with giving a false statement that could, potentially have put Officer Wilson in jail for murder? Shouldn't they be facing the penalty for perjury?"

    Prolly orders from Eric to go easy on his "people"


  3. During the Q and A period after the reading of the jurors decision, it was asked by one of the people about perjury charges. No, they are not charging on account of "the people actually believed what they were saying even though the autopsy findings showed they were false". So, since these liars actually believed what they said, they won't be charged. I totally agree with Eric Holder probably had a bit of influence on this outrageous prejudice. Had it been white people with the victim white and the officer black, there would have been perjury charges. But, had it been white people, there wouldn't have been this much of an ordeal. They would have found officer innocent and moved on long ago. aka, Dillon Taylor.

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