Choo no

I was terribly underwhelmed by the fact that none of the illegals that the media could find to comment on Barry’s immigration speech and proposal, could, despite being in the US for 5+ years (otherwise they wouldn’t be eligible) could speak passable english in their interviews about the reactions to Barry Soretoro’s illegal executive action on immigration.,,,, 5 or more years, and they can barely be understood in english. Couldn’t speak enough to order food nor to deal with a traffic ticket in court.

I know many true immigrants (hell, I worked for some years ago!), most still speak with an accent, but ALL of them can speak the main language of their adopted county fairly well.

Not so these people Barry has tried to help. 

One thought on “Choo no

  1. They only want money and freebies… They DO NOT want to assimilate!

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