By all the polls

The Republican backed candidates are gonna win big.


Can they overcome the “Margin of Fraud”? The DNC folks have ramped things up in that arena lately.

My polling place uses paper ballots. They are read by an electronic reader, true, but they can always be rechecked bu a human if need be. There is still a ballot that can be viewed, unlike the touch screen setups with “calibration errors” that leave no permanent record of the vote.

We shall see.

The Republicans will take their win as a mandate, not realizing that people just want anyone else but what they have now. If I felt it would send a message, I’d either not vote or vote for third party…But OG has convinced me to vote (at least this time) for the lesser of the two weasels.

4 thoughts on “By all the polls

  1. I voted for No Democrat, No Incumbent and No Unopposed. I'm sure that it will be lost in the clutter, but that's my signal to those in power or gonna be in power.

  2. I'm doing the same thing. Many of the Republican candidates in this state have made obnoxious jack asses out of themselves by mocking people who lost their jobs. I would love to see them lose their jobs, but not at the cost of putting some Left Wing racist in the office.

  3. I'm hearing 1.2-2% margin of fraud… In tight races, enough to swing the vote… sigh

  4. They are all weasels so we are always going to be voting for the one that turns our stomachs the least:)

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