If this whole Ebola in Dallas thing didn’t have some SERIOUS possible consequences it would be laughable.

The inept emergency room folks on the 26th

The inept handling of the situation by both Texas/Dallas Public health and the CDC. (what, exactly, are they doing with all the money we spend in them, if they cannot react well to a single instance of a communicable disease?)

The fact that only today, 5 days later, are they doing any sort of disinfecting of the areas where Mr. Duncan vomited in the public spaces outside of the apartment where he was visiting….

This whole thing reads like an implausible scenario of a 1970’s disaster.horror flick.

Except it isn’t one. It is real….and there are people in charge who are inept enough to let things happen like this..,. I mean, I realize they are government workers, but still, shouldn’t we expect them to have some idea what to do….? Isn’t thre someone in charge who knows something?

Scary…and angering that the folks who should have known better and have known what to do…..didn’t. They couldn’t even send someone out to the apartment sidewalks with some bleach water and a Hudson sprayer to disinfect….they let a work crew PRESSURE WASH the sidewalk….possibly aerosoliszing the infectious residue…

Like a bad book….First there was one…then 6, then 25, then…

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 8.08.57 PM

The above illustrates the ineptness of the folks in Dallas.  Note: It isn’t a steam cleaner, but a pressure washer. 

4 thoughts on “Y’know…

  1. The end result of Multi-Cultism, social uplifting gone bad and Affirmative Action.

  2. Where in the hell is the CDC's state of the art response team?

    AssHats probably have a paramilitary goon swat team.

    More gov. incompetence.


  3. Dogs get it. And they don't get sick, they just carry it until they get over it.
    What are the odds a dog walked down that sidewalk during those days, nosed, or just licked it's own paw?

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