What with all the unrest in Ferguson, Mo…

One might think that the residents in the area might want to change the government and the police and all.

But No…they don’t. Or at least they can’t/Won’t be bothered.

70% of the residents in the area are black….but 4 out of 5 town council members are white.

And no one has bothered to register to vote…so they get the government (and the police) they deserve.

I have found this to be a pattern with relatively poor  African American people (and the poor in general, actually).. they are unhappy with the way their lives are going and how they are treated, but they do little to improve their lot in life. 

2 thoughts on “What with all the unrest in Ferguson, Mo…

  1. Sounds about right.
    Just sit there and bitch – don't lift a finger to help themselves.

  2. If they elect a black mayor and chief of police do you really think their collective lives will improve?


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