More to the Ebola in Dallas story

You should read this.

If true, then Duncan KNEW he was exposed to Ebola….and he willfully exposed others.

If there is a nightmare scenario for the spread of a disease, this is it. Read the link. It is scary that he KNEW he had been exposed and selfishly decided to come here….exposing others to a DEADLY disease in his travels

His actions are, IMO, criminal.

If others die from this, here is the US or from exposure to him in any of the planes or airports, he should be tried for murder.

The scary part is that if he could do what he did, then others may as well.

I would like to see travellers from Africa in general quarantined until the outbreak is contained.

One thought on “More to the Ebola in Dallas story

  1. If there were any sense used at all in this world, they would have quarantined the whole area of the country in the beginning of the outbreak. In todays world, with the fast travel, disease can spread like wildfire. Now that it is here, how can they possibly stop it. As you pointed out the other day, everyone on the plane was exposed. How many others came from the same area of infection. All those people from the plane are out in contact with general public. Those people then spread it further on down the line. I don't see how there can be no mass outbreak here. The paper is saying they are bringing charges against the man for falsifying papers to get on plane. He said he had no contact with the sickness. Murder charges or terrorism for that matter, even though unintentional should be filed. The guy started the whole domino effect. This can get down right ugly once it starts to spread.

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