It’s all good: (and other stuff)

So if the CDC (that is, the Centers for Disease Control) can totally drop the ball on a single case of open border foolishness ebola,  then perhaps we need a shakeup of their management….and perhaps a redefinition of their primary responsibility….maybe they oughta stop telling us about our (un)healthy lifestyles global warming and such and concentrate on, you know, DISEASE…since they apparently have forgotten their primary mission….See, I am not much for government agencies, and think most of our Federal government should be disbanded….but the CDC might just be one of the agencies that have merit….if they’d do their job.

Their response was, well, let us be kind and say it was suboptimal. I’m not a doctor (although I have played one, but that is another post) and I can easily see that they basically fucked up by the numbers. Both the CDC and Dallas and Texas Health departments. Yeah, once they got rolling and the news media got to reporting it, the authorities began (or maybe it simply took that long to get rolling) to act, but their response wasn’t timely at all….Thing is, we don’t have the ability to deal with this disease if and when it gains a foothold here. Yes, we have great healthcare. I got that. But not for something like this. We have neither the people nor the facilities with which to deal with a major epidemic….

Which is why our borders are our only real protection, and why failing to properly screen or quarantine people entering from ebola affected areas is so important and must be fixed.

(part of me wonders how many cases there have been in European countries which we haven’t heard about? If one could get here, it is just as easy, actually easier, to get to Europe, as most routes go from Africa to Europe to the US….)

Seriously…if this case in Dallas does not demonstrate WHY we need better Customs and Border Controls, then nothing will.

This one case may well spread to others….It may be contained, it may not. We shall know more in another 20+ days…if it is contained, then we, as a nation, will be lucky. If not, well, we shall see how bad it gets. Patient Zero (Dallas) may well have infected others on his route from Liberia through Brussels through Dulles, and then to Dallas…..Lots of people who had contact with him when he may or may not have been contagious. And contact with the airplane and airport furniture after he had been there and maybe contaminated those surfaces…… and if he is dying and in critical condition on 10/1 then he was sick enough to be contagious on the 9/22.

And if we end up with 20 cases, or a hundred, WE REALLY DON’T HAVE THE FACILITIES TO DEAL WITH THAT MANY PATIENTS .

Maybe we were lucky this time. Maybe. But keeping such people out of our country is the only way to prevent a worse “Next time”.

Everything is fine……The government has said so…

There, don’t you feel better?

If you don’t have preps…facemasks, gloves, faceshields, something to cover your exterior and to sterilize surfaces and hands with, then you might want to perhaps plan, SOON, on finding some….’cause your government is doing dick-all to keep you safe. I’m not saying that the time to panic is here, but if there is a second or third patient with ebola, you won’t find anything to use at all.

This weekend, Home Depot and Menards in my area ran out of N-95 facemasks and tyvek suits….They are up 4000% at Amazon…(I already had a stock of both in my preps) …Some folks think that there will be a need…..
Let us hope they are wrong.

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