It occurs to me

That if Kalifornia were to get rid of all the illegal immigrants that it provides sanctuary for, then they’d likely not have to enact water restrictions due to the 4 year drought.

How many illegals? Seriously. Do you think that those folks will pay any attention to the water restrictions? Obey the laws?

But simply getting rid of all those illegals would reduce the water usage by millions of gallons a day.

2 thoughts on “It occurs to me

  1. as an escapee of CA I can also tell you the state would save $10b a year in public services if it were to cut those services off to illegals.

    It is their bed. They made it. I left.

  2. And insurance rates would go down, because millions of illegals would not be driving aroujd unlicensed and uninsured, and gas prices would be down because they would not be buying up all the gas, increasing supply, and there would be a lot more jobs for people who are currently on welfare…We can do this all day, but the Dems will never care, because they see these illegals as their eventual key to perpetual political power.

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