I didn’t buy anything

Except breakfast. And some really excellent pie.

The Nappanee Indiana fall gunshow was on Saturday.

Usually a nice show. Lots of private sellers and lots of collectibles.
Generally sane(r) prices and such, unless one is looking at 120+ year old collectible leverguns in NRA 90% or something (yes, you can find those in this small show) or WWII bringbacks (of which I know nothing, so…)

But not this year. Extremely high prices. Even if one wants a 700 in 257 Robers or something, (used), you’d find it….for $850 or more…Other pricing was similar. 870 wingshooters for $600…used. Ammo was available if a bit high. But available.


I bought breakfast and a piece of pie. I did get to eat about a pound of Amish bacon for breakfast though.

4 thoughts on “I didn’t buy anything

  1. I'd like to plunder the bring backs. Last gun show we had here, there was only one guy selling WW2 gear, and he specialized in Japanese weapons, only. His prices were about 2.5 times what I would have expected to pay. I didn't buy anything , either.

  2. Sigh… sad that it's filtering down to the 'little' shows too now…

  3. It would be worth it for the Amish Breakfast Buffet though. That is ONE good breakfast. We rolled in late Saturday, seriously bacon deficient after a 5 hour flight.

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