Even more incompetence

By the CDC:

Deputy who had contact with Dallas”Patient Zero” hospitalized with possible Ebola symptoms

Now, this is likely a false alarm. Then again, WHY WASN”T THE CDC paying attention to ANYONE who was in contact with patient zero–Mr Duncan (who, BTW, died earlier Wed AM). I mean, monitoring several times a day for fever and other symptoms….Why did he go to a “quick care” facility instead of a hospital? (And why, when he visited the partement of Duncan, wasn’t he given at least a mask and gloves?).

Again, this MIGHT (probably is) a false alarm. But again, this illustrates the casualness that the CDC and the Texas and Dallas Health departments are treating this.

(and BTW, despite the “best care in the world” Mr Duncan died….Think about that).

Seriously, if I were in the Dallas area, I’d be gettin worried about now. The whole handling of this entire incident seems like an opening storyline from a book like “The Stand” or a movie like “Outbreak“. (or How to Enable a Pandemic in 6 Easy Steps…)

But,as Tam points out, at this point the odds of you or I contracting Ebola are fairly small… But the more I learn about the response by the CDC (and others who SHOULD know better) the higher I think those chances get.

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