Your government at work:

Keeping you safe from a terror that doesn’t exist…

FDA restrictions keeping some cheeses out of US stores. 

Seems that the Feds, in the form of faceless FDA Bureaucrats, decided to cut the allowable (harmless) bacteria counts by a factor of 10…from 100 to 10.

Now, despite the fact that the old level seemed fine, and that no one had died or even gotten sick at the old level that had been in place for many years, they decided to change it.

With no notice. SO thousands of pounds of cheese were unsalable at a moments notice.

So even if the cheesmakers could (and many can) change their methods of producing cheese to meet the new standards, they won’t even try to do so…in fact many european cheesmakers are choosing to not sell their products in the US because they are unhappy with the new standards.,….and the fact that these standards can be changed WITH NO NOTICE, making their current product unsalable and subject to destruction at the whim of a bureaucrat.

Understand: This new standard didn’t make you any safer, it didn’t save any lives, it didn’t keep people from being sickened. There was no reason for the change, the FDA just changed the spec.

And in doing so, deprived us from being able to buy and enjoy some really great cheeses.

ETA: From Og, in the comments we get this:

3 thoughts on “Your government at work:

  1. Yep, well, the beaur-o-crats gotta do something to "earn" their paychecks!

  2. The question is Cui Bono?

    Do we have some microbe-phobic idiot making policy; or a moronic bureaucrat that just likes to throw their weight around; or did a domestic cheese-maker dole out some cheese to put the hurt on the foreign competition?

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