Why I carry # 439

 Religion and Beheading attacks?

Seems that the guy who attacked his coworkers in Oklahoma (and coincidentally )DECAPITATED a front office worker WAS A RECENTLY CONVERTED MUSLIM who had tried to convert his coworkers….

Now it COULD be that he simply wanted to kill people and  in the doing so accidentally decapitated a woman in the violence attack. Maybe. But I doubt it.


Of course, the press doesn’t seem to be able to show that the guy who ended the attack was a CCW holder, (and where they are admitting it, they are downplaying it heavily and calling his a deputy….He WAS a Reserve Deputy, but was just a CCW holder in a private workplace in this instance)

One thought on “Why I carry # 439

  1. The guys facebook page was a homage to Bin Laden with a LOT of anti American talk. And they're still calling it "workplace violence".

    You know, when I got my recent training in such things I don't remember the "active beheading" scenario.

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