Today should be as sacred as Labor day

Or Independence day….or even Christmas!

Yeah, Sept 17 should be a Holiday . A big one.


It is Constitution day. Today is the day that, 1n 1787, the US constitutional convention actually signed the Constitution.

This day, IMO, is as important a day as nearly any other. It is the anniversary of the creation of the set of rules that effectively makes this country what it is. It sets forth the freedoms and basis of our system of laws. IT LIMITS THE GOVERNMENT.

SO think about it today. Today marks the anniversary of what makes the US what it is.

3 thoughts on “Today should be as sacred as Labor day

  1. agree. The Constitution is magical. A once-in-a-species event. It will never be topped.

    If only it was respected…

  2. They finally got around to 'notifying' us at 1130 today… sigh

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