The health of citizens children doesn’t matter

As long as we give these new, undocumented, ILLEGAL children an education.

Since they can’t (legally) do it any other way, they deemed the children “Homeless”

and then, of course, waived all the rules. Including immunization rules.

 “In addition, division superintendents cannot exclude from school attendance those homeless children who do not provide the requisite health or immunization information required of other students,” the memo continued. “School divisions must immediately refer the student to the school division liaison required to assist the student in obtaining necessary physical examinations or proof of completion of immunizations.”

Were I a parent with children in these schools, I’d be livid.

The immunization rules were in place for a reason. Public health. So waiving the rules for political expediency is endangering the citizen children.

ETA: a friend suggested that this was a carefully orchestrated plan to stimulate our children’s immune systems by exposing them to many “third world” diseases…..

2 thoughts on “The health of citizens children doesn’t matter

  1. oh it will stimulate their under developed immune systems alright… just like the Ebola plague is doing to its victims and in that case with a 90% mortality rate.

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