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So it would seem that the Australians are becoming aware that there are some seriously whacked out Islamic Radicals who wish the rest of them harm….and that there is no easy way to stop a whacked out psychotic islamic nutball who is wielding 2 swords without getting seriously hurt….especially when you cannot give them a high velocity lead injection.

With ISIS arrests, Australians wishing they had guns.

I mean, a quarterstaff works to disarm  a whackjob swinging a sword or two much of the time, but you gotta practice even more than with a pistol…and more often.

Nothing like a 230 G  .45 at 850 FPS….or a 9mm (more likely in Australia) 124 G at 12oo or soFPS.

(Although #1 Buckshot might be an appropriate substitute….)

But being disarmed, they have little to fight back with.

But that is part of what you get when you allow the Liberals to disarm you….

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  1. I was practicing with what is essentially a quarterstaff last night, against a sword. It can be done, perhaps it can even be done successfully, if you are willing to make that training part of your life.

    The other options you mention seem more effective.

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