Power grab:

Are you aware that the EPA has defied the Supreme Court and intends to institute new regulations that make it possible for them to claim jurisdiction over nearly and body of water and nearly any land that has water on it, over which water flows…even water is only flowing over it sometimes (like a drainage ditch during heavy rains)? Even water that runs into a storm sewer (because it eventually ends up in some kind of waterway), so is therefore part of the “navigable Waterways”

That this ruling would allow them to define what improvements a landowner could do to their own property…if said property or improvements are within 500 feet of any land that ever has or once did or might have in the future water flowing over it…..A homeowner could not build a deck or a building, or even a sandbox, or remove a tree or dig a hole without permission and a permit and permission from the EPA. 

A farmer could not use water in a lake (that he owns and which is entirely on his property) to irrigate or to water cattle….even if the lake or pond was built expressly for that purpose….no matter how long it has been in existence.

That the EPA defines very broadly what “Navigable Waters” are…to include that shallow 4″ deep stream that runs across your property only during the wetter months?

Better pay attention and call your congressmen and senators and get them to stop the EPA…While you still have some control over your land.

The EPA says that they will not be “Heavy Handed” in their  enforcement of these new rules……but their history says otherwise. Once the rule (and the power for the EPA) is in place, how long before they change their enforcement levels and methods? Remember, they now have their own highly mobile SWAT team…..