Post fire update:

Yes, the building is salvageable. Yes, we caught it early., so the damage was limited…

Yes, a lot of water damage, and yes, I have to get the roof fixed.

The alarms system appears to be damaged (EMP? Dihydrogen oxide?)  dunno until the experts come out on Monday. The internal video surveillance system has issues….again, maybe EMP?

Insurance is, sadly, unreachable til Monday AM.

All I know at this time.

‘Twas an interesting day. 

I thank you for your thoughts and words of encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Post fire update:

  1. Oh, damn. Wish I was closer. I could help the the alarm. Sorry to hear this.

  2. I'd try to find the issue and fix it myself, but the liability on a fire alarm is too high. Simple addressed and polled system. But can't fix it because Life Safety and all that.

  3. HAng in there B… Thoughts and prayers it can be fixed (again)…

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