Must have been visiting Columbian hookers….

‘Cause the Secret Service bodyguards who were SUPPOSED to be guarding the white house appeared to be asleep at the switch.

I mean, dude not only climbed the fence (I’ve been there… and if I remember correctly, it isn’t a small nor easily scalable fence) but ran about 75 yards to the **UNLOCKED** doors…..then ran inside and “overpowered” the female Secret Service agent inside the building…..Because SHE wasn’t alerted due to a “Muted” alarm inside the doors…

WTF? Just phoning it in there, folks? My understanding is that there are rooftop snipers on each face of the building…..and even if they are just observers, not snipers, climbing the fence takes time, running 70+ yards takes time…and the door being unlocked? The alarm muted?

Why bother? If you can fail that badly as a team, then really, why bother to even show for work?

4 thoughts on “Must have been visiting Columbian hookers….

  1. If you loved America, how hard would you work to protect the Obamas, especially when Michelle has been a bitch on wheels to you for six years?

    Just a thought.

  2. I think they just need a pep talk. Maybe a reminder of how it will be President Biden if anything should happen to Barry. That should straighten them out. Scary thought, but it may scare them straight.

  3. Actually turns out the ushers had turned down or asked that the alert boxes be turned down. The USSS in the house didn't know he was coming. And the dog wasn't released due to the number of officers in chase.

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