It’s worse than .22!

So for most of the summer, the mosquito population has been….quiescent. Pretty much not an issue. We had a normal amount of rainfall, but there weren’t many mosquitoes.

Not so this past week or so. Little buggers are vicious and hungry. And there are a LOT of them.

Because of this, the supply chain has been overwhelmed as per any mosquito repellent type stuff.

You can’t find Deepwoods Off or the like for love nor money.

Menards/Home Dept/Target/WalMart….all out.

I did see (online) where Home Depot Tractor Supply had some in the local store, and went to see if I could purchase some. I’m not out, but I was down to half a can as of yesterday. (I worked outside yesterday for 3 hours and had to reapply *liberally* every hour or so.)

I got to the store, and went to the department where they sell the insect repellent….this little old lady TRIPPED me to get the last can. (I got it anyway, and for a second or two, thought she was gonna hit me). She literally tried to take it out of my hand.

Now they are out too. And no, I didn’t give it to her. If she’d have been a lady about it, I might have, but she wasn’t, so I didn’t.

She stalked off.

As I was checking out, some guy offered me $20 for the can….I sold it to him so HE could buy it from the store. (Hey, I’m not out and there is always Amazon.. $20 is $20…).

Now, I am sure that the supply chain will catch up here shortly , but in the meantime, this stuff is worth more than .22LR. And even harder to get.

Might be something I will have to stock in my preps….

4 thoughts on “It’s worse than .22!

  1. Try a ThermaCELL. I have been using them for the last several years and I swear by them. Damn, if you're selling cans of Off for 20 a pop, what's up, let's make some money! Let me know if you need a shipment dropped. I live in Mosquito USA on the Gulf Coast, we've got plenty.;)

  2. I have similar things to Thermacell. If there is a breeze, the damned things come after you and bite anyway. Those only work in still air.

  3. Eat more garlic. Stay away from mosquito sprays that have DEET or use them infrequently.

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