I guess they aren’t selling enough

Enough of the Cryptophone 500 that is.

Seems that they are making a splash telling everyone that their phone data is being intercepted by “mysterious phony cell towers” that are found all around the US. (They claim 19?).

Thing is, they aren’t cell towers as such, they are a collection of antennae. Many police departments have them. Others call the devices a ‘Stingray”. there are a LOT of them in the US.

I’m actually surprised that they only found 17.  I mean, really, if someone is looking at cell phone data and spying on US citizens (Besides the NSA, I mean) then 17 “towers” really doesn’t give that much coverage…..And the NSA doesn’t need these ‘Fake Towers” they can pipe your info directly from Verizon, or Sprint, or whoever your carrier is.

But making this splash all over the internet makes me wonder if they are trying to boost the sales of their reworked cell phone they are selling…The CryptoPhone 500.

I mean, they not only got PopularScience to run an article (and mention their phone) but they even got Instapundit to link to that article.

I guess that they aren’t selling enough CryptoPhones.