Ashamed of our flag?

So a Federal appeal court says, in effect, that if someone is offended by the American flag, (especially on the uniquely american Cinco deMayo) that the American flag must not be displayed.


I find the flying of flags OTHER than the US flag here in the US to be offensive.

But that, my friends, is a First Amendment right….(which I actually agree with) so I can’t do anything about those flags….

But a US flag? Offensive to Mexicans? Gotta go. Can’t offend our brown Brothers…

Fuck that. Equal representation under the law.

GUess what I’m gonna have allover come next Cinco De Mayo?

I’ll probably fly it from my truck in Hispanic neighborhoods too..

2 thoughts on “Ashamed of our flag?

  1. Every time I think we have hit rock bottom, the liberals get out a bigger shovel and dig deeper, thus making a new low. It makes me physically ill the way the government cares more for the feeling of the illegal invaders as they do for their legal constituents.

  2. I fly my flag every day. If the Chicanos don't like it take their asses back to Mexico. If you come to America BECOME American, otherwise stay in your own crappy country!

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