WTF is up with Blogger?

So my sidebar links disappeared, then came back.

Now the links are there, and the description and times of last post are gone

Or not

THen gone again.

WTF are they doing at Google?

I mean, I am getting exactly the service I am paying for, I realize….But still, why is it brokeen so often?

3 thoughts on “WTF is up with Blogger?

  1. Been really messed up for the last few days. I have some posts that are not updating at all even after more than 24 hours. I have noticed this happening occasionally for years but the last few days has been a larger than normal hiccup I must say.

  2. Yep, same problem here. Looks like the feeder is having a fit.

  3. I've not seen it yet. Occasionally, if I have a photo that is too wide, the sidebar disappears until I make the pic smaller, but that's about it.

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