So, working an odd schedule this week, I go around 10 AM to a Walgreens to pick up a prescription refill.

As I approached, starting about 6 blocks away, I notice that the power is out: Stoplights are not working and businesses are not very busy, with the staff hanging around near the doors. No lights are on in any of the buildings, which is a good hint for me.

I get to the Walgreens, which is, like nearly all of them, at an intersection….Hoping to be lucky. Nope, the stoplights there aren’t working either. But I see power company trucks moving around the area, so I pull into a parking space and hope that they find (and fix) the problem quickly.

I waited for a half hour. No joy.

I was, however, amused while waiting by the not insignificant number of people who drove through one of the non-functioning stoplights and then pulled into a parking space at the Walgreens and got out of their car and walked to the door, never noticing that the entire building was dark. The look of bovine-like incomprehension as the door failed to open for them was kinda funny. Despite driving through at least one non working stoplight, and despite the entire store being dark, they never noticed nor comprehended the fact that there was no power to the doors, nor that the store would not be open for business. Some of them just stood there for minutes until the light dawned.

Condition White. To the extreme.

Or just plain stupid.
Hard to tell.