We don’t know

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exactly what happened in Ferguson…..

We do know that a (white) cop shot a black kid. Reportedly in the back.

And we know the community is incensed. Apparently, for once, this was a really good kid.

But when the community protested, did they do so in front the local cops? No.

Did they throw rocks and break windows at the local police station? No

Overturn and burn the police cars? Nope.

They burned and looted and destroyed local businesses….

Used this protest as an excuse to steal.

Nothing they have done will change the situation. Nothing. All they did was steal and destroy.

And therefore, while I had some sympathy, it is gone.


ETA: Wirecutter agrees and states it more plainly

ETA2: Even the Brothaz seem to think that the crowd had the wrong target…. Of course, those “white” neighborhoods might be better protected than they think….

1 thought on “We don’t know

  1. This is where it gets tough for me to be sympathetic also – but I saw that some people did protest in front of the police. Some did so non-violently.

    Others in the community however did loot and steal.
    And the others in the community are tolerating that.
    They aren't turning in the looters, they aren't turning in the arsonist(s).

    I tend not to comment on the police shooting until details are known — the Zimmerman case taught me that much.

    If there is malfeasance on the police part, it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But even that isn't an excuse for the rioting and looting.

    Bob S.

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