To serve as well as protect:

THIS cop understands. Got out of his cruiser in a blinding rainstorm to push a guy in a powered wheelchair that had broken and could no longer move. Class act there. One might say beyond the call, except it isn’t, really, just unusual.

As opposed to the County Sheriff who drove past my parents Saturday while they were broken down on the side of the road with hazard lights on and the hood up and failed to stop to see if they needed help. It could be that he had somewhere to go, but he wasn’t driving fast nor were his lights on. And he didn’t apparently report it either, because there were there for more than 40 minutes until I arrived to help and no one else showed either. That was, sadly, not  a surprise.

2 thoughts on “To serve as well as protect:

  1. IIRC, back in the early 00's, a CA legislator's family sat in a disabled car on the side of a freeway for a number of hours, while watching CHP units pass without stopping. When said pol got back to Sac, he proposed, and got passed, a law mandating that any CHP officer passing a disabled vehicle without stopping would be subject to dismissal.

    Wow, did THAT get their attention! Amazing the actions I saw them employ to keep from passing a stopped vehicle.

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