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So 15 people showed up at the range to do the work we had planned.

Which was, to be honest, about 5 more than I expected. For once, it wasn’t the same 10 guys…

We now have a foundation drain that should actually be functional. Maybe the floor won’t weep water this fall and winter on the indoor range.

Would have been nice to have more help, but hey, we actually had 10% of the membership show up, with tools required to do the job.

Folks, if you belong to a volunteer  or member supported organization, when they need help, try to show up and provide that help. Don’t leave all the work to the 10% of people that are there every work day. If you are a member, the BE A MEMBER. It is more than just paying dues….

MY thanks to all of my fellow members who DID show.

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  1. Kudos to you for doing it. We have that problem at our local member range to, where other than new members who have to "volunteer", most of the rest of the work is done by the same few stalwarts. Everyone's dues would be sky-high if the work those few did had to be hired out.

  2. Yeah, one of our members showed up with his backhoe and dug up the crushed line.

    it'd have cost a few thousand or more dollars to have had to hire someone to do it.

    I just brought my tractor and filled in and smoothed the lawn with the bucket, and hauled brush as it was cut. And moved rocks that were in the way and such.

    We needed the hands holding shovels for the fine work, and we had all of that too.

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