So now the Missouri National Guard is to be the on scene LEO presence in Ferguson.

Not so sure that is a good idea. unless these men and women are trained in Riot Suppression (and they may well be, as there are several Military Police units available to the Governor), they are gonna be like fish out of water on a bicycle.

I predict that at some point, some National Guardsman is going to pop a cap in a rioting first amendment loving redistibutionist Urban Yoot when he is threatened. And this is gonna inflame the situation even more.
Especially now that the Curfew has been rescinded and that Eric Holder has ordered that the police get the “Damned Tanks off the street” (Not tanks, but MRAPS that the DOD has given the local LEO’s, Mr. Holder).

But if you put Nationa Gurdsmen, no matter how well trained with poorly defined rules of engagement in a situation where they feel threatened….expect trouble.

IMO, the cops were too restrained.

2 thoughts on “Prediction:

  1. 1. I would bet the title to my farm they are not issued any live rounds. They maynot even be given the weapons.

    2. When I went to basic all the National guard guys were taken away every afternoon for a week for extra training in crowd control tactics that we regular army and reserve guys didn't get.

    Not sure if they still do that today though.

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