I’d move

It probably won’t hold up in court, but the fact that the legislature in Massachusetts even PASSED such a piece of legislation is too scary for me.

Read the article:  Realize that the legislature in Massachusetts OVERWHELMINGLY chose to pass a a law that makes your Second Amendment rights subject to police permission and judicial review….They can be taken away at any time.

Why would anyone choose to remain there?

2 thoughts on “I’d move

  1. and just think, wasn't there some type of tea party or something here not to long ago?

  2. It is one of the New England states. I don't much consider them (or Illinois for that matter) part of the real US. Meaning, they are heavily populated with people wanting a nanny state. They need Uncle Sam to tell them what to do. It would worry me if it happened in a more normal section of the US, but not nanny central. It is more like I expect it from there.

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