Are ya prepped?

So now there are several cases of “Possible” Ebola here in the US.

All from people who travelled from west Africa recently.

Now here is the thing:Ebola has an incubation period of 21 days. You are contagious for about 4 days BEFORE having definite symptoms in most cases.

90% death rate (in Africa, which has a much lesser supportive care infrastructure that the US, but still….)

21 days incubation….. Yet you can be back in the continental US in 17 HOURS from West Africa.

Not saying that there will be an outbreak here, but could happen very easily.The environment is different, we have better health care, and Ebola has adapted to live (and especially spread) in the environmental conditions found in Africa….not the US.

 Having said that:

Can you deal with no electricity and no governmental support (police, etc) for a 60-90 day period? Remember, the aid organizations that provide doctors and other care in Africa are so afraid of this new strain of Ebola that they are pulling their staff back to the US….

If you don’t have the ability to deal with no stores open and no electricity and no fuel for 60-90 days, then you will have a hard time should things get bad here.

Think about it. Things are getting ugly over there, and while the situation is different here, that could change.What if someone decides to quarantine the area in which you reside? How much food and police protection do you think those quarantined folks are gonna get?

Got food? Water (or a source of water other than Municipal tap water?)? A means of defending that food and water?

If not, think about getting it. Might be that you could be needing it, if and when.

Yeah, I am crazy….
Those Africans didn’t think they’d need it either….Yet their areas are now “Quarantined”.

4 thoughts on “Are ya prepped?

  1. Thanks B. Some good and sobering thoughts. The next few weeks/months will be interesting. IF ebola gets here will there be the quarantines? Martial law? Elections are coming in Nov. Might be a good disruption. Nothing these people do would surprise me.

  2. I need to check my propane tank on the camp trailer. Other than that, my larder is full, and things are good.

  3. Heck I just watched the folks one county over go crazy over losing municipal water for just 2 days. Nothing more complicated than a little algae needed.

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