So the big talk these days is that we need to increase school funding or class sizes will increase. Currently, the average classroom has 23 students in it in the local area schools .

Now I may well be mistaken, but in elementary school, I remember having 35+ students, and I was reasonably well edumacated. (I lernet to reed and rite pretty good!)

I had classes in high school that exceeded 30 several times, and 27 or so wasn’t unheard of.

Yet somehow, my teachers were able to impart some knowledge into my meager brain.

So how is it that 25 students average classroom sizes is too much a load for modern teachers? Especially with modern teaching aids?

Or is this a union thing? Or NEA?

’cause if  not, then my teachers were terribly overworked….

2 thoughts on “question:

  1. It is a politically correct thing; now teachers can't get rid of students who misbehave. More of their attention has to go to the students who can't keep up, who cause trouble, etc.

    There is also less peer tutoring — can't make a student feel bad by having another kid who 'gets it' help out in class.

    Nor does any of this take into consideration how much PC baloney the teachers not only have to shovel out but make sure the students actually comply. Think all those sexual assault charges on 5 year old boys kissing a girl are going to file themselves?

    Bob S.

  2. The family who just moved in next door to my sister were incredibly excited to be moving their children from a school where they were in classes of 61 and 47 students, with only a teacher and an aide. Of course, I'd be willing to bet there are plenty of administrators in that district.

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