BTTT….Og has taken

A nebulous idea that I had and run with it.

We are, slowly, refining it.

YOU SHOULD READ his post, and contribute ideas and publicity. If you have a blog, link to his post. We really could make this happen. If enough people participated it’d make the Bundy thing look like a kids bithday party.

We could make this a movement. In fact, I suggested in a comment either here or there that we should find a way to make it a tax deductible donation (501c(3)?) so as to screw the government twice…once by putting up a fence and second by deducting the materials as a tax deduction….Likely we could also deduct fuel and food and lodging as well.

I can see it now…THOUSANDS of men and women arriving at the border with posthole diggers and trailerloads of fence materials, gloves and hats and boots, ready to work…working for a week or so, and then returning home. Daring the government to do something about it.

Leaving in their wake, a more secure border.

I am up for it…are you? I am sure that later this year I could find a week or so to improve our countries border security.

3 thoughts on “BTTT….Og has taken

  1. Post hole diggers aren't going to do it.
    You need pressure diggers (like they use to set poles) to get deep enough and big enough for the power pole sized fence poles you'll need.

    Ten cement trucks for the thousands of yards worth of fill just to stop the cartels from pulling them out of the ground.

  2. Everyone has reasons why it wont work. While sitting on their asses.

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