If ever there was evidence that we have been invaded

Simply go to a Lowes home improvement store.

The signs are all in Spanish and English.

I mean, I have no issue with people coming to this country (legally) and wanting a better life. I have no issues that they retain and honor the culture from which they came.

But for god’s sake, after you choose to live here, learn the native language.

I have known many immigrants, Polish, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Russians…….they all chose to learn english. . I worked for an Italian immigrant when I was in high school, washing dishes in his pizza restaurant. While his english wasn’t good, HE SPOKE ENGLISH.  He learned to speak the language of his native country. I do business with a guy who is a motor repairman. He is German (Very Cherman) Yet he speaks english, because HE LIVES HERE AND IT IS HIS COUNTRY.

Not so, these new people. They speak only spanish, and there are enough of them that places like the Banks and now Lowes are catering to them, with Spanish language signage and even spanish language clerks.

I foresee a day, however, when this will backfire upon these businesses. People are getting tired of the pandering to those who are invaders, not citizens. 
I predict there will come a day when those businesses who pander to these invaders will be burned and their property trashed, Where they will be afraid to show spanish language signage.And I will support such actions.

3 thoughts on “If ever there was evidence that we have been invaded

  1. I boycott Lowes because of that policy of theirs and I let them know it. Sadly, most of the manufacturers of the stuff that they (and Home Depot) sells now label everything in both English and Illegal and nothing makes me madder. I'll pay more to buy stuff labeled in English only and like you, I'm seeing a day coming when the backlash gets physical and illegals and their supporters and enablers start to rue the day that they gave America and Americans the finger.

  2. Never mind Lowe's! They are a private enterprise.

    My concern was with the Internal Revenue Service. As late as last year, if you didn't press 1 for English, you were stuck at a dead end on the phone tree. You could not proceed any further. You HAD to affirmatively press 1.

    [This year, someone had the sense to program the phone tree with English as the default language. Probably because too many callers (myself included) were castigating the IRS employee (or, perhaps, the contracted rent-an-agent) about it.

    [Note: Being a former IRS employee, it takes quite a bit to induce me to talk that way to an IRS agent. Usually, former IRS agents who have gone over to representing taxpayers interact quite amicably with current IRS agents, on a personal level, regardless of the contentiousness of their clients' tax issues.].

  3. I've p1ssed people off before by asking if they are too lazy or stupid to learn even the basics of English.

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