Are you feeling bad for the “children” coming across the border?

Know what you are talking about before you let your emotions run.


Sympathy for the “children” is what Barry and all the Latino groups are hoping for….so you’ll want to let them stay.

3 thoughts on “Are you feeling bad for the “children” coming across the border?

  1. Don't know if you get them or not. I write the congress critters and I receive senator Coats news letter. It had in there about handling the children. You know, being careful of their rights and such. I wrote him a letter letting him know exactly how I feel about any politician feeling an ILLEGAL has rights, no matter the age. I highly encourage all hoosiers to rattle their cages and remind them the voters have had their fill. I will not vote for anyone who grants any form of amnesty at all…

  2. Not a bit. When they left home they risked their lives to break the laws of this country. Their processing should be:
    – take pictures and other bio-metric data
    – load them into the back of a deuce and half
    – with a military escort drive them across the bored they crossed to get into America and dump them out

    Mexico has some pretty severe laws about being in their country illegally and these people violated those laws so they need to be extradited asap. Let Mexico deal with them.

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