And this was the crowning achievement for NASA

45 years ago, we put a man (actually 2 men) on another celestial body.

(the actual time 3:18 PM Central time)

6 hours later Neil Armstrong became the first human (as far as we know, anyway) to walk upon the surface of the moon.

By today’s standards, the equipment they flew in and used was very crude. Your cell phone likely has more computing power than all the computers used in the effort…your desktop or laptop that you are reading this post on almost certainly does. If you fly commercial, you will likely be in a more complex craft.

It took a great deal of effort, and lot of money to do what they did.

Sadly, today, NASA no longer has the drive nor the people to do anything remotely as ground breaking as putting people on the moon. NASA isn’t the NASA we think of when we think of NASA.

They have become, at best, a political arm of the current administration, and a waste of money.

But take a moment and reflect on the achievement of the people of NASA then.

Now we gotta beg ex commies for a ride to the “international” space station.

ETA: THis is true. Sad, but true.