You gotta wonder

Are the Open Carry Texas folks really that stupid, or are they being paid by Michael Bloomberg?

Now they are carrying into Target.

The reason I ask if they are being paid to do their “activism” is that they seem to be choosing businesses which have, so far, chosen to NOT take a stand on carriage of firearms….Almost as if “Open Carry Texas” is choosing to force major chains to take a stand….and one which helps the anti-gun folks.

The only other explanation I can see is that they are really really really stupid…But I am beginning to lean towards the false flag scenario…Because they couldn’t be helping the anti’s more if they tried.

One thought on “You gotta wonder

  1. Yeah, this shit really needs to stop. I'm guessing that they don't have jobs to be at, since they seem able to do this stuff daily. I think what needs to happen here is that each one of them needs to be publicly identified and investigated and we'll see who really has pro-gun bona fides or an anti-gun history.

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