They want (even more) info on you

Seems that the Feds already think that reading your emails, watching your surfing habits, listening to your phone calls, checking where your phone goes (and when) reading your texts etc…isn’t enough.

Now they wanna know who you owe money to, where you are spending it, and any other credit related or financial information on you. 

And this giant database will, of course, be kept private and secure. No one will ever be able to hack it to find your SSN, address, D.O.B., Mothers Maiden Name, etc.

And just WTF do they need the info for, anyway? (yeah, bad sentence structure,  I know…so?)

This is mission creep, like the Census questionnaire, where  the only thing you are legally required to answer is number of adults and children living at the residence, but they make like you have to answer all of the questions under the pretense that it is a legal requirement, but it really isn’t…..and then they sell the aggregated data? The National Mortgage Database was never envisioned to have all this information, it was never intended to be used this way.

“Congress did not explicitly require (or
even explicitly authorize) the FHFA to build anything resembling the
NMD,” the Chamber told Watt in its May 16 letter”

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  1. Yep, and I'm sure the security on it will be to the usual standards….

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