They think you are stupid

Stupid enough to believe that somehow, someone could accidentally screw up and lose 2 years worth of emails from Lois Lerner..

Now, that is 2 years worth of backups that had to be destroyed. 2 years worth. Plus generally quarterly and yearly backups.

Seems that somehow there was a computer crash that caused all of that data loss.


Just like the missing 18 minutes from Nixon’s era. (and that, at least, was plausible, if not likely).

This is now a conspiracy to hide or destroy evidence. THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT. Someone(s) need to go to jail for conspiracy to destroy evidence.

A GREAT explanation why this can be no accident HERE.

2 thoughts on “They think you are stupid

  1. Good luck with that, DOJ ain't gonna play/investigate/prosecute…

  2. They figure no one will call them on it, no one will do anything about it, so they'll get away with it.

    It's "The Dog Ate My Homework" excuse at the government level.

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