So it would seem

That the IRS was paying an outside vendor to back up emails from IRS employees.

If congress really wants to get to the bottom of this (which I am beginning to doubt, suspecting that the whole Faux Outrage is just for show) all they have to do is subpoena the company’s data. Simple to do, and if THEY (SonaSoft) have lost the data, then we all will know for sure that there is a coverup. There can be only so many coincidences….

Were I the president of SonaSoft, I’d have already pulled the appropriate emails and would have them sitting in a thumb drive waiting for the appropriate parties to request them. (or I’d be waiting for my truckload of used bills to be delivered to my bank account in Geneva….)

If Congress chooses not to subpoena the emails from the backup company, SonaSoft, then we all will know that we are being played…and that Ryan and his ilk are as much a part of things as Obama and Lerner.

Which opens up a whole shitload of other options.

Lampposts, ropes, cartridge boxes, Rails, tar and feathers, these are a few of the things I dream about….

Perhaps it is time we watered a tree.….

The alternatives, for both us and those who follow us, are worse that what could happen if that tree is watered.